Friday, May 12, 2006

Myth: Cellulite is Simply Fat
Cellulite is a form of fat, however there are important differences: cellulite is malformed, trapped fat located in the first subcutaneous layer. Unlike regular fat, cellulite is highly resistant to exercise and dietings. This is because cellulite fat is trapped in a mesh-like fibrous connective tissue.

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Myth: Only Women Get Cellulite

While it's true that a significant majority of women - up to 95% by some statistics - get cellulite, men are not immune. Indeed, a form of cellulite that occurs on the front thighs seem to be present in men and women in equal proportions.

Myth: Only Old People Get Cellulite

In most people, the appearance of cellulite worsens with age. This does not mean, however, that younger people do not get cellulite. Indeed, cellulite often starts to develop at a young age. Left untreated, this condition worsens in appearance as the person ages.
In young people, cellulite often appears as dimpled, "orange peel" look, whereas advanced cases of cellulite in older people appear as large, unattractive lumps and bumps.

Myth: Cellulite Only Affects Thighs and Buttocks

Cellulite is, after all, a form of fat. This means that obesity is certainly a factor in getting cellulite or making it worse. Indeed, increased amount fatty tissues under the cellulite layer pushes the cellulite toward the skin, thus worsening its appearance.
Thin people, however, are not immune to cellulite. It can even affect those who exercise regularly, including athletes.
Cellulite myths

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